Sustainable Cleaning & Recycling

ISG Cleaning is committed to sustainable cleaning management having taken a holistic sustainable approach to business and field operations and the development of a range of Environmental & Sustainability initiatives and projects.


ISG Cleaning meets the sustainability challenge with cost effective and community focussed solutions that are categorised into three auditable components:


  1. Environment: Recycling and waste management, reduction of carbon footprint, reduction in energy usage and water usage.

  2. Social: Health & safety, community relations, stakeholder engagement, involvement of volunteers and a committed workforce.

  3. Economic: Financial and legal compliance.


ISG Cleaning’s environmental taskforce is “Mission Green. To ensure the environmental sustainability of our business model, Mission Green touches every part of our business from packaging to waste; purchasing to office set up.


  • All possible consumables, either biodegrades naturally to the earth or is easily recyclable;

  • Our workspace fit outs and mobile deployment infrastructure are made smaller to use less materials, use more eco-friendly materials, consume less energy, and to take less from the Earth;

  • We use energy efficient plant and equipment: no energy-hungry blowers and vacuums;

  • We make use of online and mobile ordering and paperless communications;

  • We use only eco-friendly, natural cleaning products wherever possible.


We have and continue to work with initiatives such as the packaging stewardship forum to assist diverting waste from landfill. Our team has a demonstrated ability at many venues and sites to separate waste and recyclables, deliver savings and achieve targets around waste reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery.