Expo Cleaning

ISG Cleaning are experts in Expo & Trade Show cleaning. From beginning to end for a pristine show opening, a clean event and a worry free post clean up.

Our detail focussed, efficient and rapid response services include: 

Pre – During – Post:

  • Trash Removal

  • Pre – Removal of all trash before show opening

  • During – Monitoring of all trash in the aisles & Aisle cans

Post Event :

  • Trash Removal of all trash & tape after show closing

  • Aisle carpet vacuuming/shampooing

  • The evening before the show opens

  • Mopping tile or wood flooring

  • Exhibit cleaning and special cleaning requests

  • Wiping down tables

  • Glass encasements

  • Sink and kitchen areas

  • Equipment

  • Other services include removal of all trash, including large quantity of industrial items such as:

    • Glass

    • Tile

    • Sand

    • Food

    • Construction

    • Carpet

    • Oil

    • Chemical removal


All expo cleaning service plan specifications are performed to premium industry standards ensuring the highest satisfaction levels possible.